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Wood fired oven

Wood fired oven

Outdoor wood fired pizza oven PATENTED and CERTIFIED FOR FOOD...



Save money by direct sales and you have the best support by the inventor and manufacturer!

In traditional distribution systems products price increases due to the intermediate steps that separate you from the manufacturer.

Going from the sales representative to the wholesale and finally to the store,the product price normally undergoes an increase of about 50-100%.

The savings for those who can benefit from direct sales is that buying directly from the manufacturer you will have the factory price, i.e. the best price!!!

Also be supported before, during and after purchase from the producer offers more guarantees, because… who knows best the product better than who produces it?


Company data

PIZZA PARTY di Villani Marisa

Via don Minzoni 8

50038 Scarperia e San Piero

Firenze - Italia

P.IVA: IT05567330484

Headquarter: Via don Minzoni 8 - Scarperia e San Piero 50038 - Firenze - Italia 

Warehouse: Via Petrona la torre 17B - Scarperia e San Piero 50038 - Firenze - Italia

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